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“Every family has a passion. Ours is entertaining yours.” That is our mission at The Water’s Edge at Giovanni’s.
With a history of providing quality service, exceptional food, and a warm atmosphere to our guests, we will treat you like family.

The Waters Edge at Giovanni’s location was purchased by Giovanni (my father) in the mid-nineteen eighties. Dad began serving the highest quality food, drink, and service in Fairfield County.

After graduating from college, I was offered two jobs in the event industry. Both werewith major hotel chains; Giovanni already knew that I had a gift to bring people together.My Dad hired me and together we created a premier event space. Since then, we have been entertaining thousands of guests with our personal touch making every event truly special.

My husband Saland I have been family friends throughout our childhood. Sal worked at the restaurant during high school and college and then later joined the restaurant as the executive chef. Sal’s original career path had been in accounting. Sal worked in a top 4 accounting firm for a few years. Sal soon realized that our working schedules would mean that we would hardly ever see each other. Sal always had a passion for fine food.He saw an incredible opportunity to enter the family business, Giovanni’s is where he could take his business acumen, and pair his love of fine food and wine to create the award-winning restaurant and event space here in Fairfield County.

After Giovanni’s retirement, Sal, and I, are now the owners of The Waters Edge at Giovanni’s. I handle the business side of the restaurant, coordinate events, and help guests bring their visions for their special occasions to life inside the restaurant and event spaces. Sal is responsible for the food and wine, and he has made it a goal to source the produce and seafood served at Giovanni’s from local purveyors. Together, the two of us have shaped Giovanni’s into what it is today: I believe it is the perfect restaurant for an evening out and I am proud of our award-winning event space.

The favorite part of the business for Sal & Iare treating people like beloved family members. Our staff shares their commitment to making Giovanni’s the finest experience for guests. As event planning is always changing to reflect the wants and needs with different generations, the one thing that remains constant at Waters Edge at Giovanni’s is “Love”. “We love what we do, and we love the people we work with”.

Maintaining Giovanni’s as one of the finest steakhouses and seafood restaurants in Darien, Connecticut remains an endeavor that our family partakes in. We have four sons, all of whom regularly help at the restaurant during busy dinner rushes and large parties. Ourfamily of six works together to serve our customers, and whether you are a long-standing customer or have just walked through the door for the first time, we will be sure to greet you like an old friend who just came by for dinner.